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Selindus Consumer Services

Enhancing automation for your home

Our 3G, 4G and bluetooth wireless solutions enhances existing and new entrance automation products in the areas of swing and sliding glass doors, swing and sliding gates, roller shutters, remote switching of electrical appliances and electromechanical locks for consumer applications. We are developing our business in home automation domain to manage lighting, appliances, security and energy usage using your smartphone or tablet.  Our services on automation are powered by products of high quality, which ensures convenience and safety for your day to day use.

Selindus Industrial Solutions

Digitising infrastructure using wireless technology

For industrial applications, we deliver wireless switching devices for heavy duty products in the area of entrance automation and any applications that require activation of a device or machine using a relay.  Our Engineering team will analyse the requirement and recommend the right product. We are developing our business in smart building and smart city domains to automate and manage appliances and services remotely.  Our services on automation are powered by products that are of high quality.

Barrier gate for visitor car at villa
selindus sdn

Selindus Delivery Network (SDN)

Our country-wide partnership programme that brings our services to your doorsteps

SDN is a delivery partnership programme that facilitates regional delivery and support nodes through outsourced dealership. SDN offers opportunities for existing firms in the automation and security industry through dealership arrangements to partner with us.  In addition to this, with Selindus Ventures, we onboard new business starters on to SDN.